About Angel Comedy Club

Angel Comedy Club has grown from a once-a-week gig into a seven-nights-a-week “Comedy Institution” (according to Timeout), and has become one of London’s most popular comedy clubs. Thanks to our supporters, we opened our very own permanent venue, The Bill Murray.

Our venues are in Islington, London, England and they both host funny shows every single night, with cheap or free entrance. Angel Comedy Club supports both new talent and big name acts and we believe in making comedy more accessible for audiences and comedians.


What is Angel Comedy?

Angel Comedy is a London comedy club. We’ve been going since 2010, and have grown from a once a week gig into a seven nights a week “Comedy Institution” (according to Time Out).

Astonishingly, we’ve been lucky enough to have some of the true legends of comedy work up shows with us, whether that’s Eddie Izzard building his final world tour with us over 36 dates, James Acaster building “COLD LASAGNE HATE MYSELF”, or Daniel Kitson, Mae Martin, Stewart Lee, Maria Bamford, Nish Kumar, Bridget Christie, Tim Key or Jamali Maddix working on multiple shows. It’s been great being able to offer people the chance to see some of their comedy heroes in such an intimate space. And we’ve done this without abandoning our wildly popular mixed bill shows. These are a great place to see the stars of tomorrow, handpicked to give you an astonishing night. We support comedians throughout their journey – we teach comedy as well, and many comics have had their very first gig with us.

In fact, we put on 20 – 30 shows in an average week, and end up putting on more than 6,000 comedians a year. It’s a staggering amount.

How is this possible? Well, we are also people: Barry Ferns, Sarah Pearce, James O’Donnell, Dec Munro, plus a glorious community of comedy lovers and performers, without whom we would not be here.


Where is here?

Here is actually two places:



We started out at the Camden Head in Islington, where we’re still going strong, seven nights a week. It’s one of the best loved comedy gigs in London, and consistently rated a top-ten London night out on Tripadvisor. And it’s famously FREE. Every night, always. FREE.



We’re also just around the corner at our very own venue, the Bill Murray. Here we run a more eclectic  programme, as well as digging deeper into our comedy ambitions. The Bill Murray is a base for comedy courses and community projects, and a place for comedians to work, rehearse and hang out. It’s also a lovely pub.


A pub? How did you manage to buy a pub?

It’s a long and beautiful story. And it’s all here on our Kickstarter page.


But what is Angel Comedy about?


I see what you did there. Well, we’re about giving comedians and audiences a fair deal, exploring how comedy can benefit our local community, and generally immersing ourselves in funny.

In our heads, that means free comedy gigs, that are well run and high quality. It also means providing a stage for the weird, the wonderful, the well established, the, er, can’t think of any other W’s, but you get the picture. We’re comedians who love comedy. We want to support other comedians on their journey. We want to make that journey viable, which means creating accessible space where artists can meet, create, rehearse and perform. Where they can learn. Where they’ll be supported. And a place where we can develop projects with schools, care homes and charities, and play an active part in the life of our neighbourhood. Well, you did ask.