Our community took us from a once a week gig above a pub, to a seven nights a week “Comedy Institution”. Covid could have been the end, but your donations & love helped us survive the ravages of the pandemic. And we love you back! Everyone should have the chance to see great comedy, irrespective of their wage, and in this 'industry', comedians need all the help they can get. We were built by comedians, for comedians. You know it's true/ Everything we do/ We do it for you! (Guitar solo)

Talk about what you love, email with Community in the Subject line


Doors At Midnight – The Comeback Gig!


Well, we had to go and do it, and run the first live gig in Britain in 2021.


Obviously it started as a joke because we’re a bunch of idiots, whose business acumen seems to start and stop at, “But would it be funny?” All the same, it ended up being a really fun gig, with some of our favourites performing, and a lovely, lovely crowd showing their appreciation.


It was lovely to get some attention from the press. Here’s a selection:


Barry Ferns

Upcoming Shows

Angel Comedy

9:45pm on Friday 25th June 2021 - The Bill Murray

Angel Comedy

6:15pm on Saturday 26th June 2021 - The Bill Murray

Angel Comedy

8:45pm on Saturday 26th June 2021 - The Bill Murray

Q – Who is he?

He’s Barry.

Q – Who?

You know, Barry.

Q – ???

Eternal, and yet somehow ageless, he’s been around forever but is somehow still fresh in the flesh. He brings a magic and sparkle to Angel Comedy shows, and somehow manages to still remain mysterious.

Q – Yes… But who IS he?


Well… he’s:

The Founder of Angel Comedy,

One of the Founders of The Bill Murray,

An Award Winning Stand Up Comedian,

An Award Winning MC,

Writer for BBC Radio and Channel 4,

Star of The Bill Murray Sitcom.

Slayer of Worlds,


Prince of the Tides


Barry returns to the Bill Murray, every few days, he just appears, like a glittery Mist, and then disappears again when laughter has transpired.


Here are some links to his comedy exploits outside of the Bill Murray:


Get Barry in Your Eyes – FILMS or his YouTube channel

A random Barry fact generator 


Reviewers have been very generous with stars:

★★★★★ ThreeWeeks

★★★★ Scotsman



Reviewers have also been very generous with words:

“It is a beautifully constructed show and will take your breath away. Profound” – The Scotsman

“So funny someone should call a paramedic” – The Guardian

“Comedy Genius” – The Metro

“The best show I have ever seen” – Three Weeks

“Unnecessarily sadistic” – Chortle

Alasdair Beckett-King


Everyone’s favourite orange space-wizard has been playing Angel for a time, and we knew from the very first moment we saw him do his impression of the decapitated John the Baptist that he was onto something special. Normally with these bios I do a bit of a crib from their own website but his is written in his inimitable style and would pretty obviously have been a steal. So instead I’ll have to rely on my boundless enthusiasm for this genuine original when I describe one of the funniest and loveliest comics on the circuit today.

ABK (as he generally goes by) has a smart line in comedy that is clever without being at all smug – where the intelligence is all there to enhance the joke and not to show off his learning. One of my favourite memories of one of his gigs was a Work-In-Progress he did with us where a slightly ‘relaxed’ hen night turned up just as his show was about to start asking to see ‘some comedy’. Normally hens & stags are an insta-no, but I rolled the dice and they trooped in, and sat roaring with laughter when not in rapt attention. It made me reconsider my prejudices and showed that his comedy isn’t some rarefied beast lacking mass appeal.

In fact, one of the very few wholesome stories to come out of the pandemic has been the success that ABK’s short videos have been getting. You may have seen his Nordic Noir skit, which now has over 3 million views. Although be careful about falling down a Youtube hole if you do check them out like some people (but definitely not me) have been known to do. He also makes video games, most of them point ‘n’ click adventure games about how much he loves his girlfriend. ABK is wholesome for days…

At this point it would probably be churlish for me not to mention all the awards he’s won:

  • Winner, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2017
  • Nominee: Amused Moose Comedy Awards 2017
  • Winner, NATYS New Act of the Year Show 2014
  • 2nd, Laughing Horse New Act 2013
  • 3rd, Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian 2013
  • Finalist, So You Think You’re Funny? 2013

Really, if you haven’t seen him in the flesh, come down and watch him. You’re in for a real treat.


Sophie Duker

Upcoming Shows

Sophie Duker’s favourite things include breaking hearts, taking names and telling jokes with the confidence of a cis straight middle-class white man. She did some work in progresses of her Edinburgh Fringe Show, Venus, with us, and it was so great she got nominated for the Best Newcomer award as well as earning her critical acclaim and five star reviews.

Sophie has appeared on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (Channel 4), 8 Out of 10 Cats (E4), Mock the Week (BBC2), Don’t hate the Playaz (ITV2), Dave Gorman’s Terms and Conditions Apply (Dave) and Frankie Boyle’s New World Order (BBC2). She can also be seen on in Riot Girls (Channel 4), Quickies (BBC3) and Roast Battle (Comedy Central). She also hosts the official TV companion podcast to I May Destroy You, ‘Obsessed With… I May Destroy You’ on BBC Sounds.

As well as her longer shows, Sophie has destroyed audiences when she’s played on our mixed bill shows. She’s smart, she’s hilarious and she’s genuinely original. Check her out!


Live From The Bill Murray

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who watched the first (and hopefully not the last!) show live from the Bill Murray this year. It was a brilliant show that captured the sort of warm chaos the Bill Murray engenders, and it reminded me why live comedy is such a special thing. There was a real community spirit in the venue that night – thanks for being part of that community too!

Luckily Christian wasn’t just on tweets that night, and he managed to capture some great shots in amongst his other duties. I thought I’d share some of the best ones from a night to truly remember.

We’ve also got a couple more Saturday night shows planned before we reopen the doors to the public, you can grab tickets here:

Saturday 17th April – Phil Nichol, Liz Miele, Sikisa, Cally Beaton & Fiona Ridgewell

Saturday 1st May – lineup to be announced


Looking Back Over The Best Medicine Festival


Towards the end of February, Martin Willis from Objectively Funny and myself sat down to discuss putting on a couple of ‘wellness’ workshops for people in the comedy industry. As a therapist and Director of Angel Comedy, it was a way to morph my two passions in to one – and I was intrigued by Objectively Funny’s engagement with mental health during the 2019 Edinburgh Festival.

By the end of that zoom call, things had got a bit out of hand.

We agreed to put on a Festival, in a few weeks, with panels, workshops and gigs. Maybe Ruby Wax could be one of the panellists. Why not? How about Dave funding some of it? Sure, let’s ask!


After a year of furlough (and before that quite a bit of maternity leave for myself), I found myself putting more hours in than I had in a long time. And now I’m on the other side, I thought I’d take some time to reflect.

I’m massively grateful to the project for helping me to re-engage with the comedy community and transition from full time mum to kick ass business-woman once more. For the first times in a long while, I had the chance to wriggle out of my comfort zone: uncomfortable sometimes, but exciting too. My Inner Critic was very loud (‘It should have all been more PERFECT!’ ‘How come you’re not as charismatic as Ruby Wax?’). Luckily, there was a workshop on that. 


The Festival also had some objectives that weren’t all about me:

  • To raise money for mental health charities
  • To provide support for comedians
  • To explore what continued support comedians might need and what the industry could offer.

I think we did pretty well here. We raised money for The Listening Place, CALM, Black Minds Matter and Frazzled Café. Workshops were generally well attended, with some excellent feedback. And the conversation has certainly got started in terms of what comedians might need. Turns out they don’t all need the same thing. Who’d have thunk?


What we learned

Martin and I had a chat last week about what we might do differently ongoing. 

With future workshops, for example, we might vary the times they take place to improve access. Although an impressive 60 participants were engaged throughout the week, I wonder if more weekend or evening workshops could have helped with accessibility.

I think this experience has also helped me clarify some of my thoughts around ‘mental health’ and support, which I would be more explicit with next time. I don’t want to just offer support to people who consider themselves to have ‘mental health problems’ (although I don’t want to exclude those people either!). I wonder how many people refuse to reach out for support because they consider themselves to be healthy? 

Comedians don’t need a mental health problem to feel anxious or sad or overwhelmed in the comedy industry. 

These emotions are very human, and also very understandable in an industry that can feel competitive and unsupportive. 


What we did well

I’m really proud of what we achieved and blown away by the hours and dedication that the Objectively Funny and Angel teams displayed in pulling this together. It was an absolute joy to work with Martin for the first time; the beginning of an exciting partnership, I think.



  • A gig that was positively reviewed in The Guardian
  • Seven workshops, engaging over 60 participants, that actually had an impact on peoples’ lives, ranging from ‘Meeting your Inner Critic’, to exploring spirituality and mindfulness. A representative from Objectively Funny or Angel were at each of them and witnessed some beautiful moments of people finding acceptance or inner support.
  • A conversation started.


Objectively Funny and Angel don’t want to stop here. As the industry re-opens, we want to continue asking what more the industry can to do to support comedians in a career that is an absolute privilege – and also has its unique challenges. 


How can we build resilience in the face of a disinterested audience or scathing review or a difficult agent? If comedians choose to be authentic and vulnerable in their sets, how can they do that safely and with support? What are some of the conditions the industry needs to explore that all have an impact on mental health: money; harassment; prejudice.

I don’t have any solutions right now, but we’ll see you soon in the clubs, and can continue these conversations in person.


For now, be kind to yourself, and – please – reach out for support if you need it. 


Sarah Pearce

March Madness

Holy shit bruh have you seen these lineups?


As we start building up to reopening, and look to a future where live comedy isn’t illegal, it’s also been fun to look back over our past and some of the crazy stories that come from working in a live comedy venue where comedians run it instead of bean counters people with financial acumen. We’ll be sharing a few of our favourite stories over the next few months.

I’ve always loved that Angel Comedy has been a home for comedians wherever they are in their careers, whether that’s comics at the top of their games, or people just starting off. I love looking at some of the names who were doing their first few gigs at RAW in 2017 and seeing where they are now.

I’m really bloody happy that we managed to put out the Best Medicine Festival this month, but looking at the lineups in March 2017, it looks like every month at Angel Comedy is pretty much the Comedy festival of my dreams…

Opening Ourselves Up to Laughter

We work in laughter.

We give that gift to everyone else.

How much do we give it to ourselves?

How have you found laughter and joy for yourself this last year?


I was terrified I’d turn into a marshmallow if I didn’t make a plan as soon as lockdown hit, which is how I come to be saying that I’ve been facilitating online laughter yoga for the last year. The offering was a gift to others, but being someone who does things when I’ve made myself accountable, I knew it was the only way I’d prioritise it for myself.

Though I trained in laughter yoga 10 years ago, I didn’t actually start facilitating it in earnest until the lockdown hit last year. I had always weaved it into my other work, but with all my work GONE, I thought I’d give it a go.

I can honestly say it has had a profound impact on me.

Waking up every weekday morning, looking for something to laugh about (especially on days where the world looks bleak personally or globally) has been a wonderful challenge for me that I’m hugely grateful for.

This year I’ve been “practising” laughter yoga. You know how we speak about yoga as a practice? It’s the same. Showing up day in, day out. Doing the laughter yoga “on the mat”, and watching the impact on my life “off the mat” throughout the rest of the day.

In laughter yoga, you don’t always laugh for real, not at first, anyway. Your body doesn’t know the difference, so it doesn’t matter, but little by little, the more I have practised, the more I notice real laughter, joy, delight in life bubble out of me.

I celebrate small victories and my creative brain has expanded. I’m more productive (as long as I harness the energy right!).

When we laugh, we breathe more deeply, we connect to ourselves and each other.

Other people who’ve joined me have described that they now breathe more fully than before, that they feel more confident, more resilient, more playful, more open-hearted, kinder, more creative.

I’ve no idea if it can help you, because it seems to impact us all in different ways, but this coming Friday, we’re going to take a little moment to invite the part of us that is very easily pleased by very simple silly things out to play, and see how it goes.


People think it’s all a bit “wacky”.

You are welcome to this opinion. It might feel like it at first, but actually, it’s incredibly serious.

Our lives have been so limited over this last year and we don’t really know when it’s going to end. This, for me is a safe way to still travel, have adventure, be challenged, play.

It’s likely we will edge out of the comfort zone, but we’re going to take it nice and gently.


There’ll be some laughter exercises, some writing, some checking-in, some celebrating.

I hope you can join me for what is going to be a really special hour.

And if you can’t join this session, you’re welcome to join me on weekday mornings.

There’s more info on my website:

Why The Bloody hell is Shamanism part of Mental Health Week?

Hi, I’m Sarah. I used to do a bit of comedy back in the day; some of you might remember me holding up a psychic magazine (Chat, It’s Fate), and being snide about past lives.

Now I find myself, as one of the directors of Angel Comedy, pushing for Shamanism to be included as part of The Best Medicine Festival, our mental health week. What on earth happened?

Well, I did this Intro course with Dean. I wasn’t expecting much; was just interested in finding out about something I had no prior experience of. Dean started talking about different worlds, and – as a card carrying atheist – I was sceptical to say the least. And then I met my power animal, felt like I’d mainlined MDMA, and said to my boyfriend ‘shit, does that mean it’s all true then?’. He shrugged – ‘does it matter?’

Over the next few years, I started helping to build a comedy venue, training to be a therapist and having a baby – so performing took a back seat. I struggled with burn out and anxiety and throughout this period, my continued practice of Shamanism truly helped with my mental health.

A way to connect to a deeper, wiser level of myself; to my self-compassionate unconscious. A way to just ‘be’ (which, as an active thinker and do-er isn’t easy, believe me). A way to ‘be’ that’s a bit more exciting than meditation, because you get to meet Kali and David Bowie and unicorns and stuff.

As time went on, I started to realise I was experiencing this ‘spirituality’ that people kept going on about. A very grounded, practical, useful spirituality – and one that feels very much ‘mine’. Everyone’s is different, and that’s the beauty of shamanism: it’s NOT one size fits all. Dean offers you a framework and then you’re off to explore yourself and your connection to the world. And if that isn’t relevant to mental health, I don’t know what is.

The Best Medicine Festival

A week of events exploring mental health and comedy

A collaboration between Angel Comedy, Objectively Funny and Dave

23RD – 29TH MARCH 2021

On 23rd March 2021, the anniversary of the first lockdown, Angel Comedy and Objectively Funny will launch The Best Medicine Festival: a week of events exploring comedy and mental health, including online workshops, panels and performances.

The past 12 months have seen a skyrocketing mental health crisis. The pandemic has left many people facing grief, anxiety and the impact of isolation on a daily basis. The Best Medicine Festival sets out to celebrate the way in which comedy can destigmatise, normalise and raise awareness of mental health issues, while also offering much needed support for comedy industry professionals.

Mental Health Panel Discussion – 8pm, Tuesday 23rd March
The panel will feature comedian and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax, comedian Kemah Bob, psychiatrist and comedian Dr Benji Waterhouse, comedian Ahir Shah and Angel Comedy co-founder and psychotherapist Sarah Pearce. Chaired by comedian and producer Martin Willis, these mental health professionals and comedians will be discussing mental health and the comedy industry, including the toll of the pandemic.

The Best Medicine 2021 Gala Show – 8pm, Saturday 27th March 
An online comedy show featuring some of our favourite performers including Tim Key, Sindhu Vee and Ahir Shah. Profits will be donated to mental health charities including CALM and The Listening Place.

Over the past year, lockdowns have decimated cultural industries such as live comedy. Thousands of performers, venue staff, bookers and more lost their livelihoods and community overnight. The impact on individuals’ mental health has been staggering. The Best Medicine have curated an online programme of workshops that aim to support the comedy industry as we look ahead to reopening over the coming months.

Tuesday 23rd – Monday 29th, 12 pm: 30 Minute Daily Guided Meditation with River Hall

Tuesday 23rd, 1pm-3pm: Creating a Sustainable Practice as an Individual Artist with Ben Target

Wednesday 24th, 1pm-2pm: Mental Wellbeing and Balance with Cally Beaton

Thursday 25th, 1pm-2pm: Financial Advice with Gemma Beagley 

Friday 26th, 1pm-2pm: Opening to Our Own Laughter with Suzy Harvey

Saturday 27th, 2pm-4pm: Building Intentional Routine – a Workshop for Creatives with River Hall

Sunday 28th 11am-5pm Introduction to Shamanism with Dean Addams 

Monday 29th, 1pm-3pm: Meet your Inner Critic with Gemma Latimer




We are a comedy club after all, so of course we’re also putting on shows tackling the topic of mental health from some of our favourite performers.

Wednesday 24th, 8 pm: Rich Wilson – I Hope This Email Finds You Well

Thursday 25th, 8 pm: Harriet Dyer’s Mental Health Show

Friday 26th, 8 pm: Bethany Black – Hot Brain

Sunday 28th, 8 pm: Bobby Mair – Work in Progress

Monday 29th, 8 pm: Felicity Ward – Work in Progress

More to be announced!

Learn Yourself Some Comedy!

Although Angel Comedy has to remain closed, at Angel Towers we’ve been trying to think of ways to help comedians at a time when they can’t perform – and one way was this. By offering comedians a FREE space to teach.
For all the courses below, all the money from ticket sales will go to the comedian. In fact you’ll pay directly to them.
All of them are superb teachers and have taught with us before. And some courses are only happening as a one-off!

We have courses for totally new comedians and writers and also the more experienced, to people who want to make their own sketch show, or learn to record a podcast, or musical comedy…  here goes the whole list!

Introduction to Clowning By LeCoq trained and a member of ‘Clowns Without Borders JONATHAN GUNNING. July 18-19.

How To Be A Better Comedian – By Stand Up and Circuit Legend – JEFF INNOCENT. July 26 start.

Everything But The Art – with award winning comedian MARIA SHEHATA. July 21 start.

Stand Up Beginners Course – Run by Award Winning Comedian BEN TARGET. July 22 start.

Science and Philosophy In Comedy – By host and producer at the award winning Jericho Comedy (Chortle Top 6 comedy night in the UK 2019) ALEX FARROW. July 23 start.

Musical Comedy Course – By Award Winning Musical Comedian JON LONG. August 10 start.

Screen Actors Workshop – By ANOTHER award winning comedian, MARIA SHEHATA. August 11 start.

Write Your First Book  with Award Winning – LYNN RUTH MILLER. August 13 start.

How To Build An Edinburgh Show – By Edinburgh Award Winning Director and Bill Murray Founder/ Director DEC MUNRO . August 17 start.

MC-ing Course Run By Angel Comedy Founder, Award Winning Comedian, BARRY FERNS. August 31 start.

‘Create A Radio/ Podcast Sketch show in a weekend – Run By Angel Comedy Founder, Award Winning Comedian, BARRY FERNS . September 5th.
Get Started In Comedy (Zoom Based) – By Edinburgh Award Winning Director and Bill Murray Founder/ Director DEC MUNRO. September 14 start.

Angel Comedy Writing Gyms – drop-in pay-what-you-can-afford sessions run by different comedians Thursday-Sunday 2PM

Phew! That’s a LOT.

Angel Comedy Writing Gym (CoVid-19 Edition)

No lycra needed. Image source

As you may know, we’ve been running free weekly comedy writing sessions at The Bill Murray for over a year now. Since lockdown, we’ve transitioned to hosting them over zoom.

You can join the sessions Friday-Sunday 2PM on this link.

You can find the password for the zoom in the description of our facebook group. There you will also find more information on the instructors and have an opportunity to connect with other comedy writers.

The Angel Comedy Writing Gym is a free space for comedy writers and performers to sharpen their pencils and stretch their typing fingers through a series of exercises led by and experienced tutor.
These are for anyone in comedy writing – whatever level – to get you motivated, writing, and also to learn new comedy writing techniques from an experienced comedy professional. It’s also a chance to write with other people if you wish, and to meet with other performers and writers (meeting other writing people is often the hardest part of the job!).

The workshops, like much of what we do at Angel Comedy, are free at the point of service but there will be an opportunity to donate at the end of the session. Donations will go directly to the tutor.

A letter from the team

Dear Friends,

We really mean it when we say we hope this message finds you well. 

In light of the latest government advice on the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to close The Bill Murray for an initial two weeks and likely longer, depending on how the situation develops. 

This is a tough and uncertain time for every single one of us. Yesterday was a very long day, sorting bits out, discussing with our wonderful staff, and trying to plan. And in the middle of that whirlwind of a day we also found out we won the Chortle Best London Comedy Venue! Thank you very very much to everyone who voted for us. This, combined with the conversations we’ve had with ticket-holders, acts and staff has truly brought home just how strong and loving this community is and how lucky we are to count every single one of you as part of it. 

To all of you who’ve been a part of this so far, a heartfelt thank you. We’re very proud of this little comedy club that could and thankful to our supportive, kind, enthusiastic and friendly community. 

We will be back soon, reloaded and full of beans.

But the venue is closed physically, not in spirit. We are working on ways we can keep supporting the comedy community.

We will start a nightly live stream this Sunday at 8PM. We will continue our courses on online platforms. And we will be bringing curated content from the brilliant minds of the comedians that make Angel Comedy through our social media and the community page on our website. If anyone has any ideas we’d love to hear from you. 

If you’d like to support us, please tune into our live streams. Spread the word about them. Follow us on social media. If you are in a position to do so, you can make donations here. But most importantly: stay safe, stay sane.

We hope our next email will find you even weller than ever before. In the meantime, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus,


Sarah, Barry, James, Dec, Simon, Lou, Aimee, Lucila, Siiri, Matt, Rory, Lois and the whole Angel Comedy crew

PS – Robin Ince is organising a stay at home festival

PPS – Our friends at Next Up have a whole bunch of shows to watch if you might like. With the code BILL you can get 30% off any yearly subscription.

PPPS – If you work for the NHS and are on this email list we’d like to try & speak for every single other person on this list and tell you we love you and thank you

Bridget Christie: Work in Progress

Edinburgh Comedy Award, Rose D’or and South Bank Arts award winner, BRIDGET CHRISTIE drops in at The Bill Murray for a work-in-progress night of new material – ahead of her highly-anticipated new stand-up show. Star of her own Netflix stand-up special and award-winning Radio Four series.


Wednesday, 18th March – 9:45-10:45 pm

Wednesday, 1st April – 9:45-10:45 pm

Wednesday, 22nd April – 9:45-10:45 pm

Tuesday, 12th May – 9:45-10:45 pm

Monday, 1st June – 9:45-10:45 pm

Tuesday, 2nd June – 9:45-10:45 pm

Tuesday, 9th June – 9:45-10:45 pm

Wednesday, 10th June – 9:45-10:45 pm

I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that Nish – work in progress

“You can boo, but booing’s got nothing to do with it”

Bob Dylan

“Man, I’ve got grown men @ing me bullshit/You’re getting way too old for the timeline”


An hour of new material from the host of the Mash Report and one of the Guardian’s Top Fifty Comedians of the 20th Century. As seen on Live at the Apollo, Taskmaster, QI and The News.


Monday 23rd March – 6:45-7:45 pm – SOLD OUT

Tuesday 24th March – 9:45-10:45 pm – SOLD OUT

Wednesday 25th March – 6:45-7:45 pm – SOLD OUT

Wednesday 25th March – 9:45-10:45 pm – SOLD OUT

Thursday 26th March – 9:45-10:45 pm – SOLD OUT

Friday 27th March – 6-7 pm – SOLD OUT

Saturday 28th March – 3:30-4:30 pm – SOLD OUT

Sunday 29th March – 4:30-5:30 pm– SOLD OUT

Daniel Simonsen returns to The Bill Murray – March 2020

Norwegian comedian Daniel Simonsen returns to London

Work in progress from Norwegian comic Daniel Simonsen. Daniel started his career in the UK where he was crowned best newcomer at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He then relocated to America and recently performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Exceptionally funny” Village Voice

“Creepily brilliant” Faboulous Magazine

“One of the most compelling voices” Independent

★★★★ Time Out

★★★★ Times

★★★★ Fest

★★★★ Skinny

Monday, March 9th, 9.30PM

Wednesday, March 11th, 9.45PM

Friday, March 13th, 6PM

Dave Hill at The Bill Murray

American cult comedian Dave Hill will be performing at The Bill Murray in London in April 2020

New York City-based cult comedian Dave Hill returns to London with a show about navigating life as a Z-list celebrity who would just like to borrow his dad’s car for a bit and not hear any bullshit about how it’s not clean when he returns it.

Thursday, 2nd April 2020, 18:45

Friday, 3rd April 2020, 18:00

Saturday, 4th April 2020, 17:00

Comedy Masterclasses at The Bill Murray

Comedy Masterclasses at the Bill Murray is a new cycle of workshops to try or refine particular skills with the guidance of an experienced voice from the comedy industry. Spaces will be limited, so make sure you book ahead.

Our first season will include:

Getting Into Improv: a Taster Session, Jan 19th
with Sam Russell

“Finest improv you’ll find in the city” – The Londonist

Getting Into Stand Up: a Taster Session, Jan 26th
with Francis Foster

Resident MC at Angel Comedy Club and recent Eddie Izzard tour support

Taking Your Show to the Next Level, Feb 2nd
with John Gordillo

“There’s a case to be made that John Gordillo is one of the key shapers of our modern comedy landscape.” – The Guardian

Getting Into Clown: a Taster Session, Feb 7th
with Zach Zucker

A graduate of École Philppe Gaulier in France, Zach is an award-winning performer and producer that tours original shows worldwide. 

How to Kill on Social Media, March 1st
with Rob Mayhew

Comedian and professional social media expert.

Podcasting 101, Feb 23rd
with Matt Hill

Podcaster since 2007, director of Rethink Audio and co-founder of the British Podcast Awards.

Storytelling for Stand Up, TBA
with Sarah Bennetto

Stand up comedian, comedy writer, and narrator (since 2006!) of the critically acclaimed Storytellers Club.

Keep an eye on this post as we’ll update it when further classes are confirmed.

All classes are priced at £25 per session. 

If that’s out of reach, please contact for bursaries and we will do our very best to get you in.

If there are any other topics for masterclasses you’d like us to consider, please fill out this form.

Holiday Parties at The Bill Murray

Bring some cheer to your office end of year get-together with the Holiday Edition of our flagship comedy nights. An award-winning mixed bill show featuring some of our favourite comedians in the circuit.

Angel Comedy Club is “a comedy institution” (Time Out) and the show will be held in the intimate setting of The Bill Murray, first crowdfunded comedy venue in the world.

If you have any questions or would be interested in a private comedy show please email

Thursday, 12th December 2019

Monday, 16th December 2019

Tony Law: Identifies at The Bill Murray

The Scotsman
Theatre Weekly
Broadway World


Tony Law identifies as a hominid. Homo sapiens, Neanderthal, Indo-European horse tribesman, an Englishman, a Canadian, a Norn Iron man and a Trinidadian and a Tobagonian. A dog, a dog owner, owned by a dog, a surrealist, an absurdist and an artist who is comedy of person. A parent, a thrower, a catcher, a reader and a farmer. His 16th show is turning out to be his best yet. For connoisseurs of comedy who have seen it all and are funny in their own bones. Top drawer Tony. Comedian’s comedian comedian for the comedy nerd.

Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 18:45

Friday, 4th October 2019, 18:00

Let’s get Katerina Vrana back on stage

Many of you remember our very own Katerina Vrana, we’re sure, for her fabulous MC-ing at Angel, her extraordinary hair, and her boundless energy. 

In December 2016 Katerina was a finalist in a “funniest person in the world” competition and as she made the top 3 she was invited out to Malaysia to perform. Whilst there, she came down with what she thought was food poisoning — but it was much more serious than that.  

Katerina suffered an intestinal perforation which led to septicaemia (blood poisoning) and sceptic shock. She was in a critical condition and spent 2 months in the intensive care unit in Malaysia. 
You can hear her story in her own (very funny) words here.

Katerina was paralysed from the neck down and went blind. However, her great sense of humour and her ridiculously amazing hair remained unaffected. There were three separate occasions in which she nearly lost her life.

The following year Katerina also developed problems with her speech, which has made it difficult for her to speak clearly. Hair update: still fab.

The doctors cannot believe that she is alive and making such good progress. 

After two years in and out of hospitals and clinics in the UK, Switzerland and her native Greece, Katerina can now stand and walk with assistance. Her sight and speech are getting stronger every day. She now needs full time care and intensive daily physio. Unfortunately, her medical insurance does not cover long term rehabilitation.

This woman is the future of comedy and a phenomenal inspiration to anyone who has wanted to follow the career they love. She put blood, sweat and tears into comedy (quite literally) and it was just starting to pay off. So… if you’ve seen her perform… or perhaps you’re a performer yourself and remember her as fondly as we do… then whatever you can afford…

Let’s help get her back to where she belongs. On stage, killing it. She nearly died!! 3 times!!  


Ellie Taylor & Friends

Fresh off the back of releasing her own Netflix special join Ellie Taylor, the star of Live at the Apollo, QI, and Mock The Week as she works up a new show alongside some of the best comics on the circuit.


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