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Box Office

Hi, is there comedy on?

Yes, every night. Full listings here. We are also a pub with a lovely heated beer garden and some banging tunes. 

How early before an Angel Comedy show do I need to be at the venue?

As there’s been a pandemic (you may have heard), we made the tough decision to make Angel Comedy shows at the Bill Murray ticketed, whilst still offering free shows every night at the Camden Head. For weekend shows at the Camden Head especially, come early to ensure entry (We get very very very busy). We recommend being here at least an hour and a half before to collect the stamps (You can always get your stamps and go off to get a meal and then come back! We’re not jealous). Sunday-Thursday you are usually okay arriving 45 minutes before doors open, but as the events aren’t ticketed we can’t guarantee anything.

Can one person arrive early and get seats for friends/dates/acquaintances/strangers?

Unfortunately we can no longer offer this. We know that your friends will definitely be on time and are quite literally just around the corner, but we have had to turn away so many people when other people’s friends have been stuck in traffic or unable to make it for utterly legit reasons that we have had to change our policy. You can now only get a stamp in person, so if there’s a group of friends coming please make sure they are all here to get their stamps. 

Are your comedy shows open to under 18s?

Sadly, our venue is only open to over 18s after 8PM due to licencing. Under 18s are allowed before that time. However, we would advise that strong language is commonplace and that comics have full creative freedom expecting an audience of discerning adults. We would recommend a minimum age of 14 years old.

A show is sold out and I really want to see it, what can I do?

Our venue is small and intimate so shows often sell out quickly. However, we operate an in-person wait list on the night and in case of returns we will allocate the tickets on a first come, first served basis. While we can’t guarantee any returns and it varies on the night, we think it’s worth a shot as we often get at least a few of the waiting list in. Again, we can’t guarantee it, of course, but the earlier you can make it down to get your name on the list, the better.

DICE do operate a separate waiting list so that when people return tickets you can get a chance to buy them. It’s always amazing to us how many people do get tickets off this waiting list, so it is worth joining, but be aware that the biggest name comedians sometimes get very large waiting lists indeed. We do not have access to this waiting list so it is entirely separate from the one we run on the night. Please note that DICE charge an extra £2 surcharge for any tickets bought off the waiting list to cover the costs of running it.

Can I bring my dog down?

We bloody love dogs! A little too much!

Having said that, when our comedy shows are busy it’s really not a pleasant place for Good Boys to be in. Add to that the genuine misery hoovering up dog hair causes to our staff, and we unfortunately can only let guide dogs into our comedy room.

If the bar is quiet then we might be able to look after them whilst you watch the show, but given how perfect and wonderful your doggles in particular is, it’s a bit too distracting for our staff to have to look after them when it’s busy. If you want us to look after them, give us a call and check how busy it will be. If we don’t answer the phone – it’s probably because it’s too busy!

Of course, if you’re just coming down for a drink, bring your dog as well and we will shower them with affection, and, if they’re lucky, doggy treats.

Can I make a reservation for an Angel Comedy show? 

You can buy tickets for the shows at the Bill Murray.

Stamps for our Camden Head shows are given on a first come, first served basis. We recommend your whole group arriving early to guarantee entry; there should be someone at the bottom of the stairs giving out stamps from about 90 minutes before the show is scheduled to start.

Why can I only buy tickets in groups of 4? Can my bigger group come down?

Our club is famous for watching comedy in an intimate space. We think there’s something really special in seeing comedy legends within arms length, and sharing that in a busy room full of people laughing. Unfortunately, that means that bigger groups can alter the energy of the night without even meaning to. We say this with kindness about even the loveliest of people – it changes the dynamics of the night. Our seats fit into the room in groups of 4, so groups any bigger would have to be split up and there’s no way round this. If you have a group of more than 4 people who want to come, please get in touch with as we cannot accommodate surprise big groups on the night.

Can I book tickets over the phone?

As a small organisation, we don’t have a box office with someone available on the phone to sell tickets. All our ticket sales are either online in advance or on the door at showtime. 

For ticketed shows, do I need to print out my ticket or download the DICE app?

No need, we’ll have a list of names of ticket holders so you just need to remember your name.  

Accessibility, equality and inclusion

Do you offer a free essential companion ticket?

Yes. Let us know on when you’ve purchased your ticket and we’ll put a note on the door so that our team will be expecting them. It would be perfect if you know the name of the person accompanying you in advance, but don’t worry, we can work around that just using your name again.

Is your venue wheelchair accessible? Do you have a ramp?

The door into our bar has a lip of between 1 and 1.5cm. There is then a very gentle ramp into our comedy room from there. The side door directly into the comedy room has a step of 3 inches, but we have a rubber ramp that can help with access if you let us know in advance.

Our biggest problem is the size of our toilets. I am afraid they are not accessible. Unfortunately the toilets at the Queens Head are no longer accessible either. The closest toilets we know of, having asked around, are The Camden Head, that has ground floor accessible toilets. The Alpaca also has accessible toilets if you’re going the other way. Sorry that none of this is ideal.

     We recommend dropping an email in to so we can ensure that we cover your needs and make your visit as smooth as possible.

What size are your seats?

Our seats are about 42cm across. If you think this will not be enough please contact us at and we will try to accommodate you. Earlier is better, so we can reduce our capacity before it sells out.

Are your toilets gender neutral?

Yes. We really don’t care which hole you pee in and we think it’s weird that some people do.

Is Angel Comedy LGBTQ+ friendly?

Of course

Do you sell any non-alcoholic/gluten free/vegan beer and snacks?

Yes. We are working on getting our menu online and thank you for your never ending patience.

Food & Drink

Is there food available in the venues?

The Bill Murray offers a range of bar snacks, including vegan options. We don’t have any hot food options but you’re welcome to order or bring in takeaway to eat in the bar (it can be a bit much in the comedy room!).

The Camden Head, where some Angel Comedy and Angel Comedy RAW shows are held has a full range of classic bar meals and snacks on sale, but the food is not allowed to be brought into the comedy room. Sorry!

Do you sell any non-alcoholic/gluten free/vegan beer and snacks?

Yes. We are working on getting our menu online and thank you for your never ending patience.

Performing at Angel Comedy

I want to perform at Angel Comedy!

YAY! We want you to perform too, let’s be friends! Please email to request spots. In the meantime we strongly suggest coming down to our Angel Comedy RAW nights and saying “hello”, and introducing yourself – we’re a lovely community and every night we have people who come down, people who help us run the nights and people who just hang out to shoot the breeze (is that a phrase?).

We do our bookings 4 times a year and take email requests on the first day of the new season – so on the 1st of March, June, September and December.

We do it this way because we get so so so so so many emails, and we are a just few comedians who run the gig so we haven’t got the time to get back to everyone (Very sorry about that, but we gotta write jokes/shows/scripts too!). 

But when we book up the 3 month worth of slots on the first few days of the season we do our best to book everyone in fairly and give people gigs as regularly as is possible.

I want to put on a show at Angel Comedy!

YAY! Let’s make it happen! As you can imagine, we have a lot of acts asking to put shows on with us, so please bear with us. We will try our best to accommodate everybody.

Fill in this form, and you’ll automatically be put on our list of show requests – a list that we discuss every week. We’ll then be in touch if and when some options become available.

If you have an urgent enquiry, please contact (and cc in

Other Queries and Contact Information

The comedian I saw last night blew my mind and my life will never be the same again! Can you let me know their name?

We try and list all the acts playing on a particular night on the events, but as shows vary slightly one from another and last minute changes happen, you might have to do some detective work. If you can’t find them, feel free to get in touch and ask, but please remember to include which venue you were at and the date and time of the show.

How do I get in touch with you?

We do love postcards and singing telegrams, but it might be handier to email us on . We read every email that comes through and try to reply as quickly as we can considering we are a very small team. Sadly we cannot be reached by phone as we do not have a box office. Sometimes someone answers if you’re very lucky.

I love you and want to support you financially!

We love you too! As you probably know, we’re a community-led, crowdfunded comedy club and we run on donations from the public. If you’d like to contribute, you can join our buy-a-brick campaign here. We have a Patreon for regular donations, and every week we offer tickets for big acts who have either sold out or not gone on sale yet.