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Angel Comedy School runs a comprehensive programme of affordable courses alongside our Second City training.

The programme includes courses in stand up, joke and sketch writing, comedy film making and podcasting, protest comedy, and long and short form improv.


I want to perform at Angel Comedy!

YAY! We want you to perform too, let’s be friends! Please email to request spots. In the meantime we strongly suggest coming down to our Angel Comedy RAW nights and saying “hello”, and introducing yourself – we’re a lovely community and every night we have people who come down, people who help us run the nights and people who just hang out to shoot the breeze (is that a phrase?).

We do our bookings 4 times a year and take email requests on the first day of the new season – so on the 1st of March, June, September and December.

We do it this way because we get so so so so so many emails, and we are a just few comedians who run the gig so we haven’t got the time to get back to everyone (Very sorry about that, but we gotta write jokes/shows/scripts too!).

But when we book up the 3 month worth of slots on the first few days of the season we do our best to book everyone in fairly and give people gigs as regularly as is possible.

I want to put on a show at Angel Comedy!

YAY! Let’s make it happen! As you can imagine, we have a lot of acts asking to put shows on with us, so please bear with us. We will try our best to accommodate everybody.

Fill in this form, and you’ll automatically be put on our list of show requests – a list that we discuss every week. We’ll then be in touch if and when some options become available.

If you have an urgent enquiry, please contact (and cc in

Angel Comedy School

Since 2017 Angel Comedy has run a comprehensive programme of affordable courses, alongside our Second City training, at our venue, the Bill Murray.

As well as courses in stand up, joke and sketch writing, comedy film making and podcasting, clowning, & long and short form improv, we run special intensive courses with well known artists such as Simon Munnery, the Pajama Men, John Gordillo, and many, many more.

Regulars include our free Comedy Writing Gyms to get you flexing those creative muscles, or our famous Beginner's Stand Up Course that takes you from being an absolute beginner and gives you your first gig - previous attendees have already gone on to podium finishes in the Amused Moose and So You Think You're Funny, and beaten the gong at the Comedy Store. That could be you!

What's On

If you’re looking for something more personalised, we offer one-on-one sessions with industry experts: Dec Munro’s Outside Eye, Maria Shehata’s Stand Up & Acting Coaching & Directing, and John Gordillo’s Comedy Surgery. Contact us at for more info.

Find out more about Dec Munro’s Outside Eye here. Dec is also available for one-on-one consultations from an hour to longer or regular meetings. Dec regularly works on stand up development, sitcom scripts & finding the funny in professional environments – work presentations etc. Contact him at