Our community took us from a once a week gig above a pub, to a seven nights a week “Comedy Institution”. Covid could have been the end, but your donations & love helped us survive the ravages of the pandemic. And we love you back! Everyone should have the chance to see great comedy, irrespective of their wage, and in this 'industry', comedians need all the help they can get. We were built by comedians, for comedians. You know it's true/ Everything we do/ We do it for you! (Guitar solo)

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The Angel Comedy Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith!

Podcast: The Angel Comedy Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith! - Angel Comedy

In this episode of The Angel Comedy Podcast, you’ll hear Barry Ferns talking to actor, comedian and former street-performer Stuart Goldsmith! Join them for a light-hearted, friendly chat, during which they’ll be talking all about crowd control, street performing and motivation! A brilliant resource for budding comedians, performers and fans of stand-up alike. Let us know what you think about this episode @angelcomedy on Twitter and Instagram! Enjoy!

You don’t want to miss this one!

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Barry Ferns

Comedian: Barry Ferns - Angel Comedy

Upcoming Shows

Angel Comedy

7:00pm on Friday 7th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

9:00pm on Friday 7th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

7:00pm on Saturday 8th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

9:00pm on Saturday 8th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

11:00pm on Saturday 8th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

7:00pm on Friday 14th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

9:00pm on Friday 14th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

7:00pm on Saturday 15th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

9:00pm on Saturday 15th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

11:00pm on Saturday 15th January 2022 - The Bill Murray, London

Q – Who is he?

He’s Barry.

Q – Who?

You know, Barry.

Q – ???

Eternal, and yet somehow ageless, he’s been around forever but is somehow still fresh in the flesh. He brings a magic and sparkle to Angel Comedy shows, and somehow manages to still remain mysterious.

Q – Yes… But who IS he?


Previous Shows Include:

Angel Comedy

9:45pm on Friday 25th June 2021 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

6:15pm on Saturday 26th June 2021 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

8:45pm on Saturday 26th June 2021 - The Bill Murray, London

The Angel Comedy Podcast with Marc Maron!

Podcast: The Angel Comedy Podcast with Marc Maron! - Angel Comedy

It’s here!! The first ever episode of The Angel Comedy Podcast has arrived! In this exclusive interview with internationally renowned actor, writer and comedian Marc Maron, we’re hoping to start off the podcast with a bang! Marc talks all about his experiences with his own podcasts, as well as interviewing some huge names and faces. This interview will act as a brilliant resource for anyone with an interest in stand-up and podcasting, or just looking for a humorous way to spend an hour… Either way, let us know what you think on @angelcomedy on Twitter and Instagram! Enjoy!

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The Angel Comedy Podcast with Clare Murphy!

Podcast: The Angel Comedy Podcast with Clare Murphy! - Angel Comedy

Tune in to this episode of The Angel Comedy Podcast, where you’ll be hearing an interview with professional storyteller Clare Murphy!

During this interview, you will gain a great deal of insight into the art of storytelling, the process of modern myth-making, and the importance of self-care! Clare has built up a vast portfolio of storytelling and performing experience, including work for NASA, RSC, and most recently the NHS! Through these roles, Clare has been able to perfect the art of storytelling, as a passion and as a career, and is ready to share all with you on this episode of the Angel Comedy Podcast!


0:30-2:45 – Barry introduces Clare

2:45-4:00 – Clare talks about storytelling as a job

4:00-8:30 – Journey to comedy career, openness to opportunities

8:30-13:20 – First gigs and emotional experience

14:00 -19:00 – Clare Explaining storytelling and personal skills gained

21:30-26:00 – Anyone can tell stories, but not everyone can be a storyteller

26:00-28:45 – The difference between storytellers and comedians

29:00-34:30 – Understanding the audience and their desires

33:30-36:30 – Happiness brings success

38:00-41:30 – The importance of asking for opportunities

43:40-49:00 – Always learning and fearing failure

49:30-53:00 – Learning from your own mistakes, and group work

54:30-1:00:15 – Magic in a real context

1:00:30-1:02:30 – A Way Of Being Free

1:03:00-1:05:30 – Myths vs news

1:06:00-1:08:30 – Modern myth making

1:09:00-1:10:50 – Self care importance

1:11:10-1:14:00 – Self care for everyone, mindfulness tips

1:14:00-1:16:00 – Burnout effects

1:16:00-1:17:30 – Outro!

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Alasdair Beckett-King

Comedian: Alasdair Beckett-King - Angel Comedy

Everyone’s favourite orange space-wizard has been playing Angel for a time, and we knew from the very first moment we saw him do his impression of the decapitated John the Baptist that he was onto something special. Normally with these bios I do a bit of a crib from their own website but his is written in his inimitable style and would pretty obviously have been a steal. So instead I’ll have to rely on my boundless enthusiasm for this genuine original when I describe one of the funniest and loveliest comics on the circuit today.

ABK (as he generally goes by) has a smart line in comedy that is clever without being at all smug – where the intelligence is all there to enhance the joke and not to show off his learning. One of my favourite memories of one of his gigs was a Work-In-Progress he did with us where a slightly ‘relaxed’ hen night turned up just as his show was about to start asking to see ‘some comedy’. Normally hens & stags are an insta-no, but I rolled the dice and they trooped in, and sat roaring with laughter when not in rapt attention. It made me reconsider my prejudices and showed that his comedy isn’t some rarefied beast lacking mass appeal.


Previous Shows Include:

An Introduction to The Angel Comedy Podcast

Podcast: An Introduction to The Angel Comedy Podcast - Angel Comedy

Join Barry Ferns in this introductory episode of the brand new Angel Comedy Podcast, during which he will be outlining the contents of the coming episodes. Explore the motivations and inspirations for the podcast itself, and prepare for an insightful, hilarious and exclusive series of interviews in the Angel Comedy Podcast! Get bonus content on Patreon

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Sophie Duker

Comedian: Sophie Duker - Angel Comedy

Sophie Duker’s favourite things include breaking hearts, taking names and telling jokes with the confidence of a cis straight middle-class white man. She did some work in progresses of her Edinburgh Fringe Show, Venus, with us, and it was so great she got nominated for the Best Newcomer award as well as earning her critical acclaim and five star reviews.


Previous Shows Include:

Live From The Bill Murray

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who watched the first (and hopefully not the last!) show live from the Bill Murray this year. It was a brilliant show that captured the sort of warm chaos the Bill Murray engenders, and it reminded me why live comedy is such a special thing. There was a real community spirit in the venue that night – thanks for being part of that community too!

Luckily Christian wasn’t just on tweets that night, and he managed to capture some great shots in amongst his other duties. I thought I’d share some of the best ones from a night to truly remember.

We’ve also got a couple more Saturday night shows planned before we reopen the doors to the public, you can grab tickets here:

Saturday 17th April – Phil Nichol, Liz Miele, Sikisa, Cally Beaton & Fiona Ridgewell

Saturday 1st May – lineup to be announced



Looking Back Over The Best Medicine Festival


Towards the end of February, Martin Willis from Objectively Funny and myself sat down to discuss putting on a couple of ‘wellness’ workshops for people in the comedy industry. As a therapist and Director of Angel Comedy, it was a way to morph my two passions in to one – and I was intrigued by Objectively Funny’s engagement with mental health during the 2019 Edinburgh Festival.

By the end of that zoom call, things had got a bit out of hand.

We agreed to put on a Festival, in a few weeks, with panels, workshops and gigs. Maybe Ruby Wax could be one of the panellists. Why not? How about Dave funding some of it? Sure, let’s ask!


March Madness

Holy shit bruh have you seen these lineups?


As we start building up to reopening, and look to a future where live comedy isn’t illegal, it’s also been fun to look back over our past and some of the crazy stories that come from working in a live comedy venue where comedians run it instead of bean counters people with financial acumen. We’ll be sharing a few of our favourite stories over the next few months.

I’ve always loved that Angel Comedy has been a home for comedians wherever they are in their careers, whether that’s comics at the top of their games, or people just starting off. I love looking at some of the names who were doing their first few gigs at RAW in 2017 and seeing where they are now.

I’m really bloody happy that we managed to put out the Best Medicine Festival this month, but looking at the lineups in March 2017, it looks like every month at Angel Comedy is pretty much the Comedy festival of my dreams…

Why The Bloody hell is Shamanism part of Mental Health Week?

Hi, I’m Sarah. I used to do a bit of comedy back in the day; some of you might remember me holding up a psychic magazine (Chat, It’s Fate), and being snide about past lives.

Now I find myself, as one of the directors of Angel Comedy, pushing for Shamanism to be included as part of The Best Medicine Festival, our mental health week. What on earth happened?


The Best Medicine Festival

A week of events exploring mental health and comedy

A collaboration between Angel Comedy, Objectively Funny and Dave

23RD – 29TH MARCH 2021

On 23rd March 2021, the anniversary of the first lockdown, Angel Comedy and Objectively Funny will launch The Best Medicine Festival: a week of events exploring comedy and mental health, including online workshops, panels and performances.

The past 12 months have seen a skyrocketing mental health crisis. The pandemic has left many people facing grief, anxiety and the impact of isolation on a daily basis. The Best Medicine Festival sets out to celebrate the way in which comedy can destigmatise, normalise and raise awareness of mental health issues, while also offering much needed support for comedy industry professionals.


Learn Yourself Some Comedy!

Although Angel Comedy has to remain closed, at Angel Towers we’ve been trying to think of ways to help comedians at a time when they can’t perform – and one way was this. By offering comedians a FREE space to teach.
For all the courses below, all the money from ticket sales will go to the comedian. In fact you’ll pay directly to them.
All of them are superb teachers and have taught with us before. And some courses are only happening as a one-off!


Angel Comedy Writing Gym (CoVid-19 Edition)

No lycra needed. Image source

As you may know, we’ve been running free weekly comedy writing sessions at The Bill Murray for over a year now. Since lockdown, we’ve transitioned to hosting them over zoom.

You can join the sessions Friday-Sunday 2PM on this link.

You can find the password for the zoom in the description of our facebook group. There you will also find more information on the instructors and have an opportunity to connect with other comedy writers.

The Angel Comedy Writing Gym is a free space for comedy writers and performers to sharpen their pencils and stretch their typing fingers through a series of exercises led by and experienced tutor.
These are for anyone in comedy writing – whatever level – to get you motivated, writing, and also to learn new comedy writing techniques from an experienced comedy professional. It’s also a chance to write with other people if you wish, and to meet with other performers and writers (meeting other writing people is often the hardest part of the job!).

The workshops, like much of what we do at Angel Comedy, are free at the point of service but there will be an opportunity to donate at the end of the session. Donations will go directly to the tutor.