The Angel Comedy Podcast with Clare Murphy!

The Angel Comedy Podcast with Clare Murphy!

Tune in to this episode of The Angel Comedy Podcast, where you'll be hearing an interview with professional storyteller Clare Murphy!

During this interview, you will gain a great deal of insight into the art of storytelling, the process of modern myth-making, and the importance of self-care! Clare has built up a vast portfolio of storytelling and performing experience, including work for NASA, RSC, and most recently the NHS! Through these roles, Clare has been able to perfect the art of storytelling, as a passion and as a career, and is ready to share all with you on this episode of the Angel Comedy Podcast!


0:30-2:45 – Barry introduces Clare

2:45-4:00 – Clare talks about storytelling as a job

4:00-8:30 - Journey to comedy career, openness to opportunities

8:30-13:20 - First gigs and emotional experience

14:00 -19:00 - Clare Explaining storytelling and personal skills gained

21:30-26:00 - Anyone can tell stories, but not everyone can be a storyteller

26:00-28:45 – The difference between storytellers and comedians

29:00-34:30 – Understanding the audience and their desires

33:30-36:30 – Happiness brings success

38:00-41:30 - The importance of asking for opportunities

43:40-49:00 - Always learning and fearing failure

49:30-53:00 - Learning from your own mistakes, and group work

54:30-1:00:15 - Magic in a real context

1:00:30-1:02:30 - A Way Of Being Free

1:03:00-1:05:30 – Myths vs news

1:06:00-1:08:30 – Modern myth making

1:09:00-1:10:50 – Self care importance

1:11:10-1:14:00 - Self care for everyone, mindfulness tips

1:14:00-1:16:00 – Burnout effects

1:16:00-1:17:30 – Outro!

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