The AI Improv Show at The Bill Murray - Angel Comedy Club

The AI Improv Show

Sunday 24th March 2024, 5:30pm to 6:30pm - The Bill Murray

AI is coming for all our jobs. Yes, even yours. The AI Improv show explores whether AI can take the jobs of comedians too.

Come watch the first-ever AI-generated improv show to see whether it can do a better job than the human improvisers. We challenge the AI to take on stand up, silly improv games and even full-on long form narratives. Will the AI come out on top? Will the humans crumble under the pressure? Or will we work together to create the most hilarious show of all time?

The AI Improv Show features Victoria Beardwood, Liz Guterbock, Jonathan Broke, Patrick Dishman, Jono Selvadurai, Victoria Barry, Nick Everitt, Alex Bradbury, Amille Jampa-Ngoen, Katharine Bennett-Fox, Rob Sladden and Scott Oswald. And a faceless piece of technology we’re all slightly afraid of.

***Would using AI to write this blurb have made it better? Probably.***

5:00 PM - Doors open
- Liz Guterbock

Presented by Angel Comedy.

This is an 18+ event


Unreserved seating - £7.65 + 85p booking fee
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