Maximising your Stand-up with Stephen Grant at The Camden Head - Angel Comedy Club

Maximising your Stand-up with Stephen Grant

Sunday 27th October 2024, 12:30pm to 6:00pm - The Camden Head

*How to get the most out of your material and performance*

Typically, there are 3 stages of developing material through stand-up; coming up with the initial idea, developing into a performable state, and then finally, 'finessing' the delivery, wording and structure to make the most of it. This process is commonly the most overlooked and the least understood.

This workshop is as aimed at everyone from new acts to moderately experienced acts and details the process you go through to identify the areas that need work, and then in turn, how to address the material to get the most out of it. In the day we will cover the procedures involved in disseminating every acts' 'attributes' and dealing with each element in turn. Some of the technical processes involved; i.e. recording yourself & playing it back / transcribing your act, methods of rehearsing for stand-up, and how to identify which areas to work on are also covered. Some of the practical approaches, for example, when to drop material and how best to work in new material - will also be looked at.

The course will take a procedural approach and each attendee will be offered to perform a short section of their set so that feedback both common to all performers and specific to the individual will be worked through in a group setting. This course covers almost a completely different process to what has been covered in Stephen's previous workshops but prior knowledge of those courses is not required to attend this.


Attendees: Min 8, Maximum 16

Expected experience level: 6 months - 20 years (not suitable for those who have never performed before)

Duration 5 hours (inc 2 15 min breaks, and a 30 min lunch break)

Cost: £60, but we offer a £50 concession rate - please email us at to ask about this!

12:00 PM - Doors open
- Stephen Grant

Presented by Angel Comedy.

This is an 18+ event


One day workshop - £66.62
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