Abigail Rolling: Shit Lawyer at The Bill Murray - Angel Comedy Club

Abigail Rolling: Shit Lawyer

Thursday 19th September 2024, 6:00pm to 7:00pm - The Bill Murray

Dark. Funny. Underfunded. And that’s just Abby. The Criminal Justice System is too. With three decades on the front line, Abby shares real cases from her own experience as a practising defence solicitor, speaking to all that’s wrong with a justice system in existential crisis. From the Post Office scandal to a one woman shoplifting epidemic, Abby’s new show warns that any one of us could get caught up in it at any time. But with the justice system in a death spiral, will there be any legal aid defence lawyers left to help you?

5:30 PM - Doors open
- Abigail Rolling

Presented by Angel Comedy.

This is an 18+ event


Unreserved seating - £8.99 + £1.01 booking fee
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