Covid Guidelines

All policy has been written in consultation with the UK Government’s guidance for the performing arts.


Admission & moving around the venue:

  1. All customers are subject to a temperature check before admission
  2. All customers must use the NHS track and trace app on entry or let us record their contact details
  3. Free masks are available at the door for anyone who needs one
  4. All staff and audience are required to remain masked when moving around the venue
  5. Hand sanitizer stations are kept at entrance to the venue and the main comedy room
  6. Whilst waiting to be seated (or smoking in the bear garden), audience members are kept in strict bubbles at least 2 metres apart. Audience members are requested to queue outside 2 metres apart if there is not space available upon arrival
  7. Whilst table service is not required for venues where people are expected to consume drinks in a separate auditorium (see section 2.2), we have decided to only offer table service in order to ensure there is no crowding and people are taken to their bubbles and kept safe as efficiently as possible
  8. Audience may not leave their seat unless its for the bathroom or to go outside the venue


Tickets, Bubbles & Capacity:

  1. Capacity has been reduced from 92 to half capacity, with a maximum of 46 allowed in.
  2. Tickets are sold in these socially distanced bubbles, with either 1, 2 or 3 chairs. Buying multiple bubbles (up to 6 individuals in total) does not increase the size of the bubbles, but means staff will try to sit people in adjacent bubbles closer to the rest of their household
  3. Bubbles are situated at least 1m nose-to-nose (see section 3.4) from those in front and behind, and these are all facing in the same direction. Bubbles to the sides, in the wings or facing a different direction are kept 2 metres apart. A plastic screen that reaches to the floor has been erected between the two central columns of bubbles.
  4. Full refunds are available for anyone that feels unwell and doesn’t want to come to the show


Cleaning, monitoring & extra time (see section 5.2):

  1. In order to allow extra time between shows to stop overlaps and allow cleaning, we have moved from a 3 shows a night model to 2
  2. Between shows we clean all chairs, microphones, surfaces, door handles & light switches with antiseptic wipes
  3. A new extractor fan fitted in the main room completely cycles the air between each show
  4. Doors in the bar area are left open where possible to provide a flow of fresh air, and to reduce touchpoints
  5. Staff must wash & sanatise their hands at the start of a shift & between shows
  6. All staff have been made familiar with these protocols, and we ensure that there are enough staff on each night to comfortably comply with them without overcrowding (see section 4.1)