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Q – Who is he?

He’s Barry.

Q – Who?

You know, Barry.

Q – ???

Eternal, and yet somehow ageless, he’s been around forever but is somehow still fresh in the flesh. He brings a magic and sparkle to Angel Comedy shows, and somehow manages to still remain mysterious.

Q – Yes… But who IS he?

Well… he’s:

The Founder of Angel Comedy,

One of the Founders of The Bill Murray,

An Award Winning Stand Up Comedian,

An Award Winning MC,

Writer for BBC Radio and Channel 4,

Star of The Bill Murray Sitcom.

Slayer of Worlds,


Prince of the Tides


Barry returns to the Bill Murray, every few days, he just appears, like a glittery Mist, and then disappears again when laughter has transpired.


Here are some links to his comedy exploits outside of the Bill Murray:


Get Barry in Your Eyes – FILMS or his YouTube channel

A random Barry fact generator 


Reviewers have been very generous with stars:

★★★★★ ThreeWeeks

★★★★ Scotsman



Reviewers have also been very generous with words:

“It is a beautifully constructed show and will take your breath away. Profound” – The Scotsman

“So funny someone should call a paramedic” – The Guardian

“Comedy Genius” – The Metro

“The best show I have ever seen” – Three Weeks

“Unnecessarily sadistic” – Chortle

Previous Shows Include:

Angel Comedy

9:45pm on Friday 25th June 2021 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

6:15pm on Saturday 26th June 2021 - The Bill Murray, London

Angel Comedy

8:45pm on Saturday 26th June 2021 - The Bill Murray, London