Angela Barnes - Comedian

Angela Barnes - Angel Comedy


Angela Barnes’ exceptional joke writing and unabashed nerdiness is so warm and lovely that the occasional hard hitting punchline seems to sneak up on you. She did a lot of MC work early on in her stand up career & it shows in how incredibly at home and friendly she seems on stage (while saying, sometimes, the most wonderfully outrageous things)

She’s done shows about nuclear bunkers and shows in nuclear bunkers (at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, she performed a gig in the decommissioned nuclear bunker at Anstruther – minibus from Edinburgh, 15 punters and 3 acts and Angela MC’ing and one of our co-founders producing and cheerleading). She also set up the Home Safe collective in 2018 which helped comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe who’re members of vulnerable groups get home safely from gigs = A very good egg

We like her and think you will too!

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