Nikki Hartung: Love, Pierre at The Bill Murray - Angel Comedy

Nikki Hartung: Love, Pierre

Thursday 1st September 2022, 6:30pm to 7:30pm - The Bill Murray

France's greatest Love Guru, Pierre, swam from Paris to London in the hopes of finally finding... love? He's coached the likes of Taylor Swift, Joe Rogan, Jennifer Aniston and yet, Pierre himself struggles to date and find this so-called "true love". Will you go on a date with him? Probably! Crack the code of love? Maybe! Fall in love with him? Je ne sais pas! A clown character show by Nikki Hartung exploring dating, ghosting and TRUE LOVE. Love can strike at anytime, so expect to fall in love! Maybe!

6:00 PM - Doors open
- Nikki Hartung

Presented by Angel Comedy.

This is an 18+ event


General Admission - £8.00
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