Mark Simmons: Jokes podcast - Mark invites fellow comedians to discuss jokes that haven't worked

05/12/19 18:30

Join ‘Master of One-liners’ Mark Simmons (BBC's Mock The Week) and a special Comedian guest every week as they share jokes that they’ve written but just haven’t worked. Could be that they are too clever, too stupid, too dark, too groanworthy or simply rubbish.

Mark, creator of the new podcast, says, “I love talking about jokes and there’s nothing better than writing a joke, trying it for the first time and the entire audience laugh BUT there is no other feeling quite like when you write a joke, try it for the first time and the entire audience just stare back at you like you’ve lost your mind.

"This is something that all comedians go through when writing a new show but what I find fascinating is the number of reasons why a joke might not work. On paper it could be good as gold but for some reason when said in a live setting it just doesn’t translate.

“In the green room of a comedy club nobody wants to hear someone going on about how well their jokes have gone down but as soon as there’s talk of a disaster everyone's ears prick up and that's what I want to capture in this podcast.”

Mark has been doing the podcast for a while now, with over 40 episodes! Guests include Glenn Moore, Seann Walsh, Nick Helm, Angela Barnes, Rob Beckett, Eli Matthewson, Tape Face and many more.

Mark has been doing the podcast for over 6 months.
The first two episodes are available now featuring Mock the Week star Glenn Moore and Live at the Apollo star Seann Walsh.

Future episodes, released every Thursday, include guests Nick Helm, Angela Barnes, Tom Lucy, Laura Lexx, Fern Brady and many more.