The Glang Show

  • Saturday08/07/2017
    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Earth’s most prestigious comedy anti-competition has landed at The Bill Murray. Who shall succeed? Who shall perish amidst the fires? Who shall be crowned earth’s champion? The Glang Show is a fully interactive gong show set in an anarcho-utopian magical realist feudal theocracy. It’s *complicated*, but luckily the rules don’t matter all that much. There is a line up of comedians performing to compete for your affection and, through various means, the audience have been given complete control over the proceedings and they are neither instructed to use these powers wisely or fairly. The Glang Show invariably descends into chaos and has to stop. The Glang Show is a scourge and it
will replicate itself until nothing else remains. There can only be one winner.

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39 Queen's Head Street, London, N1 8NQ, United Kingdom

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