Suzi Ruffell: Keeping It Classy (Work in progress)

  • Monday29/05/2017
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Nominated Chortle Best Breakthrough Act 2017

Suzi Ruffell is trying her best to keep it classy. It’s tricky to accept a birthday present from someone who’s voting record has potentially ruined your future but sometimes you have to enjoy the body lotion and ignore the politics.

Suzi has changed a lot since leaving her working class life in Portmouth, her old pompey mates and family haven’t. She’s become a liberal arty avocado munching lefty or according to her oldest friend a bit of ‘a self important mouthy cow’.

It has become increasingly hard for Suzi to juggle her love for a Whetherspoons breakfast and boxed wine with her yoga practising, failing vegetarian new life. Whichever way she tries she’s letting someone down! Does it really matter that her cousins care more about the Kardashian’s than they do about the economy? Is it her job to convince them otherwise? She’s decided yes it is, ruining one family party at a time.

Suzi wants to be a good person, but more importantly, she wants everyone to think she’s a good person.

‘Ruffell is hilarious’ The Skinny

‘Great talent for hitting you with punchlines you didn’t see coming’ Three Weeks

‘Ruffell has nabbed the working class comedy crown of her generation. Sparking, energising, fun, an accomplished act who knows how to engage an audience’ Chortle

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