Sketchatron: The glorious sketch comedy showcase returns

  • Sunday05/03/2017
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

“An amazing night of sketch comedy from the strongest and most innovative groups around. A brilliant show” – Time Out, Critics’ Choice
“Rollickingly brilliant… fantastic show. With an atmosphere normally reserved for music festivals” ★★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
Metro: Critics’ Choice


Humanity, you have yet again proven pissingly incompetent, sentience and caffeine is wasted on you. You are all but noisy sludge with bad hair.

Sketchatron, although comfortable in her underground robot cryo-chamber, awaiting the scheduled worldwide inevitable robot takeover in 20-30 years time, has decided to resurrect ahead of schedule to bring order to this terrible world. You are welcome, says Sketchatron, through her robot-mouth-panel. She is robot-beacon of robot-hope in this terrible non-robot-world.

Sketchatron first roamed the earth 2008-2012 in many venues around the UK, becoming the biggest sketch comedy showcase in the country, hosting the best acts on the circuit at the time: Pappy’s, The Penny Dreadfuls, Anna & Katy, Will & Greg, Tommy & the Weeks and many, many more. Was it before your time? SKETCHATRON FEELS SORRY FOR YOU. Because it was brilliant. Actually some of those people are still around but boy, are they old now.

However, not all hope is not lost. Sketchatron resurrects gloriously at The Bill Murray to bring you the very best sketch comedy once again.



Line Ups to be announced soon, follow us for more updates /



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