Nicola Houghton & Rachel Wheeley: meet in the middle

  • Wednesday25/04/2018
    6:45 pm - 7:45 pm

Rachel and Nicola have a lot in common: three kids, husbands and a need to rant on stage to get out of the house. But they are from very different backgrounds.

Nicola grew up in a working-class household up north and feels ill prepared for bringing up middle class children. She has a lot to say on what she sees as the curious behaviour in the posh world of the middle class, especially when it comes to food. However, in the spirit of you can’t beat them join them, she’s come up with her own entrepreneurial hipster idea.

Rachel grew up in the poshest place in the world, Eton College. As the daughter of a teacher she met a teenage boy who had never seen an onion, had pranks played on her by bored boarders and entirely failed to get off with Prince William.

Join Nicola and Rachel as they agree to meet in the middle and stand up for their different perspectives on a world they find themselves in but don’t entirely understand.

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