Inside the Comedian

  • Monday29/05/2017
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

INSIDE THE COMEDIAN is a brand new spoof interview show hosted by David
Reed (The Penny Dreadfuls, Film Fandango)

Being a comedian is the hardest thing anyone can do. As such, those who
achieve even a modicum of success in this selfless, humanitarian, dangerous
career are rightly held up as the best of us. True heroes. In this series
David will interview some of comedy’s most available exponents and ask them
“Who are you under all that skin?”, “When did comedy first bite you?” and
“What’s the microphone for?” as he delves deeper than anyone has ever
delved inside the comedian.


Cariad Lloyd

Margaret Cabourn-Smith

PLUS Michael Legge!

Read more about the show here.



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