Hardy Towers present: Second City style Long-Form improvisation workshops

  • 26th February
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • 5th March
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • 12th March
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • 19th March
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • 26th March
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Chicago-style long-form improvisation workshops, to free your goddamn mind. Embracing everything – mistakes, hesitations and nonsense as gifts and genius. Everything is funny and everything is genius. A reprise from this strict, terrible world. These are workshops in looking and listening to create beautiful and hilarious characters and long-form narrative scenes.

Suitable for All Levels. If you’ve come along before, we’ll be extending each of the techniques further but we’re also very very embracing of complete beginners.

These workshops are stand-alone drop-ins so there is no obligation to come to all of them but of course if you do we’ll build and build. You can pick and choose which workshops you come to. Limited places available so do do book.

Run in Second City-style by Idil Sukan (Monkey Toast, Improverts, Auld Dick’s, All Made Up).

12-3pm 26th Feb
Workshop 1: Everything is Funny

Welcome welcome. How exciting. We’ll start these workshops with Everything is Funny. We’re not going out there trying to be funny, but everyone else on our team will find everything we do hilarious. We’ll work on observation and listening, how to find funny moments, through celebrating everyone’s choices. There are no mistakes, only gifts. We’re not just supporting our team-mate’s ideas, but holding ticker-tape parades for them. And through that we’ll build scenes, characters and story. Find out what it feels like for everyone to think you’re a genius.

12-3pm 5 March
Workshop 2: Everything is Listening

Exciting techniques and exercises in listening to your scene partner and to get your scene partner to listen to you! Listening is obviously an ear-based activity, but we’ll do a lot of listening with our eyes too (seeing) to pick up on all sorts of details of you and your scene partner’s body language, body position, using mimicry, exaggeration and being generous to each other. This kind of detailed eye-listening (I coined that phrase, eye-listening, no big deal) can lead to all sorts of characters, game and story. We take the pressure of coming up with ideas completely off by pushing invention aside in preference of simply being present & being fascinated with your partners.

12-3pm 12 March
Workshop 3: Everything is Everyone’s

Sometimes you’re on the side of the stage feeling you have to come up with everything, a killer line, an entire fully fledged character with complex backstory, or a 5-act narrative all at once by yourself. Or you’re on the side line thinking, oh god, I got nothing. And then you just stand there for ages in panic. Either way, it’s way too much pressure for one person. This week we’ll concentrate on group mind, on how we’re all creating everything together at the same time, to the point where no one can even remember who started it. It’s freeing and stops you overthinking. Shared ownership, shared credit, and shared responsibility, a socialist utopia. But like, with more jokes.

12-3pm 19 March
Workshop 4: Everything is Exaggeration

This week we’ll start with nothing. And slowly slowly through listening and observing we’ll build and build with exaggeration. We’ll find how to raise stakes, create huge characters, dramatic storylines, but all rooted in reality, all coming from a very relatable place. We’ll build on the idea of releasing the pressure on you. Creating incredible ideas suddenly is way too difficult and unreliable – so no one is creating anything, we’re all just observing and exaggerating, verbally and physically and getting out of our heads. A lot of fun.

12-3pm 26 March
Workshop 5: Everything is Genius

To round off the season, we’ll finish with GENIUS. What an apt end. The root of this workshop is seeing all your improv chums as utter, unparalleled geniuses. And of course, they all view you as a similarly unparalleled genius. There are no mistakes, no awkwardness, no blocking, just delirious delight in everything everyone is doing and saying. Creating scenes from genius is much easier too. Part improv workshop and admittedly part self-esteem booster. The revolution is in our hands.

All students, even if you’ve only come along to one session will be invited to take part in an informal performance jam to celebrate the end of the season.



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