Forgetting but Not Forgotten: Alzheimer’s Society Comedy Benefit

  • Monday02/10/2017
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

“That as the child loses, as he comes into the world, his angelic memory, so the man, as he grows old, loses his memory of this world” ~ Bronson Alcott

It’s a sad inevitability that a portion of our ageing population will be afflicted by a form of dementia. Their minds slowly pixellate, each pixel drifting upwards, until they’re living in abstraction. Ralph Waldo Emerson; Ronald Reagan; Rosa Parks. They all succumbed to this disease. After leaving an indelible mark on the world, eventually they could no longer rely on the indelibility of their own memories.

But we, as friends or family members, can adapt to this new reality. Adam Phillips writes in the preface to ‘The Forgetting’ by David Shenk: “[This] disease of remembering […] compels us to reconsider our relationship to time [because] Alzheimer’s is about living in (and so, for) the moment.”

This coincides with the live comedy experience where a big part of the thrill is the spontaneity and precariousness of the moment. So what better way to honour all of those living with dementia than to embrace the Present and enjoy the Now with the help of these fantastic comedians.

All proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Society who are funding groundbreaking research into “dementia care, cause, cure and prevention” as well as campaigning for “the rights of everyone affected by dementia”


Richard Gadd

Gráinne Maguire

Nathan Cassidy

Robert Copland

Michael Wheeler

Kelly Convey

Lou Sanders

Robin Ince

Pope Lonergan

Pete Nash

Lauren Pattison

Michael Legge

Candy Gigi

Ben Target

And more to be announced!

Pay £10 in advance to reserve a seat or Pay What You Want at the venue (Free entry on a “fist come first served” -basis, with an optional donation at the end).




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