CANCELLED- Camden Fringe: Idil Sukan – Bigger

  • Thursday24/08/2017
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Angel Comedy is proud to host some of the finest hour long comedy shows as part of The Camden Fringe… tonight it’s Idil Sukan

Hi. So if you like comedy posters & photos, you may have heard of me, legendarily overworked Idil Sukan. Or at least, seen my work. I’ve designed 500 million posters. I’m a big deal in LA. I get back pain from hoisting cameras around, hunching over laptops & airbrushing comedians’ nose hairs. What every little girl dreams of.

So I’m doing this show. Like a TED talk, about me & how great I am at this stuff. That’s what a TED talk is, right? Someone telling everyone else how great they are? That sounds like my kind of thing. We may even design a poster together. I know, right. Sounds exciting. To entice you further, I’ll be spending some time before the show writing jokes about fonts.

An hour of improvising & designing & stand-up comedy.

Twitter: @idilsukan


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