Brendon Burns: Dumb White Guy

  • Sunday30/04/2017
    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Dumb White Guy – an egalitarian, unscripted live talk show, featuring stand up from a plethora of comedians on a range of social issues, intercut with completely uncensored chat.

Loosely based on Brendon Burns’ critically acclaimed podcast Dumb White Guy where he travelled the world repeatedly performing as the ethnic minority in the room and interviewed comics of different sexuality, ethnicity and gender, asking, funnily enough, dumb white guy questions. Through this, Burns saw how comedy breaks down barriers and can be one of the most empathetic forms of communication.  Here he’ll be the Dumb White Guy on the panel, asking the questions others may be too politically correct to ask. He might be clumsy and occasionally crass but he’ll make sure he gets to the heart of matter. Come, laugh, wince and have some preconceptions challenged.

The Topic


Brendon hates the name cisgender and refuses to refer to himself as such. If everyone else gets to choose their labels he’s going to have a say in his. If folks are going to get upset online for every misstep around this brand new issue to some, let’s just slow things down a bit and discuss. Right now we hear misreports that there are “too many genders” for the straight white male to keep up with. In contrast though we seem just a little to quick to label people transphobic when they get it wrong.
Perhaps over time he’ll learn all the genders. But in the meantime can we hold off on the “bigoted homophobe” accusations while we feel our way around this one a little? Because, let’s be honest, those are far more emotionally loaded words than “tranny” could ever be.

The Panel
Bethany Black is Britain’s most prominent transgender, female comedian. Star of Cucumber, Banana and has written for Emmy award winning amazon series “Transparent”. Brendon knew her when she was a guy, now she’s a woman, she’s a lesbian. Not everyone gets that, least of all Brendon. But maybe he doesn’t have to.

Tim Renkow has severe choreo-athetoid cerebral palsy. Star of“A Brief History of Tim” he has the darkest sense of humour in comedy. Recently he came into some hot water when he made some jokes about the transgender community. Given that he can barely wash himself, has to use a walker and must mostly travel barefoot. He’s a little hard to sell on anyone else’s struggle.

Debra-Jane Appleby winner of the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year and The Funny Women Comedy Award. Debra Jane Appleby is a real person, not a name Brendon made up to describe an English lady. Debra performs up and down the country with her Northern no nonsense take on the World. As she too is transgender and this is the first time she and Brendon have met they will either get on famously or horribly.




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